Calibration Lab

Our ISO 9000-registered calibration lab is one of the best equipped of its kind in Eastern Canada – in terms of test standards, infrastructure and, most importantly, the experience and capabilities of the metrologists and technologists performing the work.

The dedicated and purpose-built calibration facility boasts humidity, electrostatic discharge, and three-stage air filtration controls designed to meet the most stringent client requirements.  Our highly experienced lab services team, the lab QMS, and the focus on service excellence ensure clients are provided with accurate, consistent, reliable, and best value instrument calibration services.

Test certificates and results for all calibrations are traceable to international standards including those maintained by the National Research Council and the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Lab information systems have been developed to help clients better manage and track calibration assets.

We offer reminder services through to full management outsource arrangements for instrumentation calibration and preventive maintenance.  In instances where you cannot bring equipment to us, we can also come to you.